Black Jack


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Discuss the anime "Black Jack" in this thread only please.:)


Black Jack is an enigmatic doctor whose skills are rivalled by none. Possessing no license, he roams the world as a mercenary doctor, his skill available to anyone, anywhere, provided the price is right. The rich, famous, and powerful seek him out to cure them from diseases and conditions every other doctor has given up on. His jobs take him from the jungles of South America to the Urban Jungle, with only Pinoko, his adopted daughter whose life he saved, as an assistant. Despite his mercenary nature, he has been known to do free work for the poor and animals, sometimes even returning payments when he fails. In his efforts to save his patients, he is reckless, so much so he will defy all laws.


i loved the old ova's. I've watched them a couple of times since i first saw it years back. However, i'm not much of a fan of the series. The drawing reminds me of the drawing for astroboy. I feel that the old drawing style, the more realistic ones, suit the series better. That's why i haven't seen much of the newer black jack series...i'll probably end up watching it sometimes...just not yet.