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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by firepunch00, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. firepunch00

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    This movie is really great. I love this movie. I love movies that deal with the army. Black hawk down has alot of action and is really exciting. Anybody else agree with me?

  2. Blur

    Blur iPimp

    yea i loved that movie also. im a war movie guy and that was no let down
  3. It was a good movie, though the whole "tragedy" of Black Hawk Down seems lost in the movie, it shows us killing hundreds if not thousands of them, and we lose like 18 guys, and yet thats some how suppose to be sad.
  4. firepunch00

    firepunch00 Guest

    Yeah army movies are great, but the that is really wrong is that we lose like a majority of 40 to into the hundreds and the enemy loses thousands and thousands. What if we were to lose thousands and thousands. That would be sad, but like 10 or 20 guys I dont think so. Well maybe to the family of the soldiers.

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