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Black Friday Blitz Shopping Anyone?


Registered Member
Hey hey hey, The Plug isn't working right now, but I have a very very 'important' link to share...

Im going to post it here for now, until Night, Darth, or Andrew figures out what is going on. I want everyone to be able to share in the wealth of knowing whats up before everyone else in the 'normal' world hehehehehe

Wal-Mart Blitz Baybeeee

There are ALOT of other pre-released ads as well.. Im guessing someone at the printing press snitched it and scanned it hehehehe GOOD FOR US :D


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that seems to be happening earlier and earlier every year...

I dunno whats up with the plug, have to lok into that


Wanna play?
I can't get into the link, it's restricted on my work computer (stupid rules) anyway....what is it????

Oh, and welcome back Iggy!!!


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It happens the same day every year, but someone leaked the ad. It's not supposed to come out for another two weeks!

Thanks for the welcome backs :D It's good to be back and in the swing of things again!

Angel, its a list of everything that will be on EXTREME sale the day after Thanksgiving. From 5am-11am only at Wal-Mart. If you want I can email you the pdf... so you dont have to go through the website.

That goes for anyone else who may be restricted from websites but can get to their email :D


Wanna play?
Thanks, I'll take a peak when I get home, the boss is gonna be here soon, and he's been a real bear lately!!

Can you say Fun-sucker????


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Cool! But please please please don't make me go out there that day!!!!!!!!!!

Who wants to babysit while I go insane shopping?


what? no pink?
wow that is a nifty little website lol