Black Cat


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Sven Vollfied, a sweeper, is hired to investigate a matter concerning an election and is witness to an assassination by the Chronos corporation. The corporation sent their best man, codename "Black Cat", to do the job, and the assassin finishes the job with cold, calculated ease.

However, things are not all well, even in the large and powerful corporation known as Chronos. Black Cat himself eventually deserted the corporation and is joined by Sven in releasing the nano-bioweapon Eve from a black market dealer. With Rinslet completing the group, they travel around working as sweepers.

But there are darker shadows in the horizon, and our intrepid gang may find themselves fighting for their lives against supernatural forces who are most interested in Chronos, or, to be more specific, their top ranked assassin, Black Cat.

Content Rating: 13+ (violence, light fan service)


from what i've seen so far the anime is good but i would say the manga is better...train looks so young in the anime version...he looked better in the beginning of the series...


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I just got into the manga, and I think it's great. I don't think I'll have the time to watch the manga, but if you look up the Wiki page, it tells you some similarities and differences.