Black Cat Trailer


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That looks cool. It reminds me of the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs (Samurai X trust and betrayal) but with guns and a new story. The emphasis on darkness is a great touch too.


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See I heard good things about the start of this anime. But after awhile the buzz for this show seemed to wear off. People just stopped talking about it. My guess is it ended in mediocrity.


I started watching this series and it was really good...but I kind of got sidetracked after train switched outfits from the black clothes type to the blue doughnut types in front -_-. I haven't really finished watching the episodes I have yet...probably should finish watching those episodes...


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I've only watched a couple of episodes (fan sub) back when I regularly went to one of the anime clubs in Bristol. From what I've seen, it's alright. Don't know the plot however, but that’s what happens when you start watching about 3 or 4 episodes in...pretty much the same with Yakitate!! Japan (got to start downloading that...)


It's pretty terrible in terms of plot, but the animation/art is generally good, and the character interactions are amusing at times. So-so overall.


I've only watched a couple of episodes, and yeah, what plot?

But the animation is great, in my humble opinion. I don't think I've watched enough episodes to form a generalization though.


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The plot is just your simple hero saving the world while having some cute little side stories. At least, that's all I think of it.