Black Cat (Fansub ?)


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For those that have seen black cat which of the fansub groups did a better overall job. I have dled the series done by Oyasumi-Subs I started watching it. I noticed the quality for the video was rather poor.

Then I came across Bakakozou who did a very nice job with FMP!:TSR video quality that is.

So any recommendations between the two (translation and subtexting wise) i have noticed subtle errors with oyasumi and i didnt watch an entire Bakakozou episode (since im still dling the whole package) but i did notice a higher video quality of the episode I did have.

So Oyasumi or Bakakozou?


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I dont really care about fansubs because I like the english dubbing for this anime and the manga so I can wait lol. I love this anime/manga though it is so awesome


Overall, Oyasumi is considered to have done slightly better subtitling work but not spectacular work by any stretch, and Bakakozou has better video quality. I would probably go with Bakakozou.

For the record, there are reviews of anime, their video rips, etc, here that might help you in the future:


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Thanks man but reply came a bit late I finished the anime a few weeks ago.

It was good but I was somewhat disappointed I had higher expectations after the first few episodes.

As far as dubbing goes yes i prefer dubs but I didnt want to wait probably a year for the anime to completely dubbed and ripped on dvd by some group. I rather watch the series if I hear its good. I alway dl dubbs and I have made quite a few purchases of anime usually Ill make the purchase based off the content if Im watching the sub.

Basically Im glad I didnt go for the blind purchase on this anime.


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I have read the manga so I know the plot of the show and I really like the characters especially Train. For me this anime is worth buying but I still think the manga is better plot wise