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Sultan of Swat
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Almost everyone here grew up watching television in color, were pretty much all use to it.

There's so many good shows that were black and white like The Dick Van Dyke Show or The Andy Griffin Show.

Can you guys watch black and white television shows? Or your use to color television shows that you wouldn't be able to change?
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I've tried watching older shows but none of them ever appealed to me.

I have seen a few black and white films that were awesome though like Frankenstein and Casablanca.


Son of Liberty
I love watching old black and white televion shows. I also love watching the old Dracula and Frankenstein movies in black and white. I prefer those old shows and movies in black and white.


Sally Twit
I enjoy some black and white films but can't think of any black and white TV shows I like. Some Like It Hot is one of my favourites.


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I don't mind watching black and white TV shows. Only the classics, though. :lick: The Andy Griffith Show was great, and so was I Love Lucy.


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Most black and white shows tend to annoy me. Probably the only one that could keep me entertained was I Love Lucy. My sdad would always watch The Andy Griffith show and the Waltons, and most of the time I found it extremely boring.
I don't watch any black and white TV shows. It wouldn't bother me though, not having colour. I really like some old black and white movies.


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I guess that I'm one of the few "old-timers" on this forum (I'll be 62 in June). My generation did grow up watching black-&-white TV shows.
In fact, neither my parents nor myself had a color set until I got my first
job (in 1968). So, by then I had been watching b & w shows for about 14
years! But, it was cool to see old favorites in color for the first time (esp.
shows like Bonanza and The Wonderful World of Disney). I had to wait a
couple decades more to see my favorite cartoon shows in color for the first time, on VHS. (By 1968, Huckleberry Hound, The Bullwinkle Show and other childhood favorites were no longer being aired, at least not in our area.) But some of the best ever television shows--many of the classics
-- were filmed in black & white. And those shows, I think, will always be
entertaining--just like the films of Laurel & Hardy and The Three Stooges
(whether in the original black-&-white or colorized). It's a matter of


Sultan of Swat
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Sicne you have so much experience in watching Black and White Shows, what would you say is your top three black and white shows?

Mine would be:

The Dick Van Dyke Show
I love Lucy


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I don't mind watching shows in black and white or films, two of my favorites were Steptoe and Son and In Sickness and In Health,both of these shows started out in the early to mid 60's and I still find them very amusing, political correctness was not in anyone's mind back then either and some of the stuff they could get away with would have them pulled of the air now.