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Bizarre moments


I'm serious
What's the most bizarre thing to ever happen to you? Share those moment where something unbelievable happened to you.

I'll start with a somewhat embarrassing moment. While on a family trip to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, we went to a crocodile and leopard sanctuary (strange combination, I know). A leopard walked toward the fence and after briefly looking my brother and I up and down, turned around and peed on us. Yep, you read that right. For the rest of the morning, all the leopards kept coming as close as possible to us, and all the crocodiles seemed to get as far away from us as possible.

I'm sure I have more stories to share, but I'll let y'all have a go first!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I had a incident about like that. My tom cat became jealous after I tried to pet another cat. He backed up to me and gave me a good spraying. I was so shocked he would do that. Needless to say I immediately took a shower and changed my cloths.


Creeping On You
One time when I was biking to work, i passed this couple on the sidewalk that was fighting with each other. The guy was taking her bike and she was yelling about needing it to get to work. Then she like pushed him and as she did, the two tires on the bike just like fell off. I just couldn't wrap my head around how that one happened haha. Like, if she was riding that to work, why the hell are the tires on so loose that they could just fall off haha.


New Member
Well, I don't have a weird moment that comes up now, but, I volunteer at the computer course for elders, help them to do the tasks like typing in Word, send email and etc...

Some of them need so much help like how to click the right button of the mouse, how not to move the mouse while clicking the right button, how to scroll the window up and down.
Some even need help with the language, one of them just had sugar level fall down and she needed some chocolate.
Can you understand how things that are so easy for us can be extremly hard for elders ?
They tend to forget a lot, they need a lot of guidance and I'm happy I can help them.


The Rock is cooking atm..
This thread should have my name all over! LOL!

Bizarre moment? Most definitely when I was on the train, and this guy was pretty damn drunk at 12pm :/ He came up to me and said "OI BIG FELLA! YOU PLAY RUGBY MATE? YOU PLAY RUGBY?" I was reluctant to answer, and than out of nowhere he starts dancing and clapping around me singing a song in another language. These days kids tend to record everything they see that's weird/bizarre lol I was hoping no one did, since he started crying out of no where after all that happy clapping and dancing LOL! It was a weird day enjoyed by all hahaha!