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Birthdays On The Worst Dates


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Anyone here have a birthday that's on a holiday or any other 'odd' date??
I have a friend who gave birth to her son on Christmas Day...I thought how sucky for him, she said she liked it cause they only have to get him gifts once.
That was mean~
I would maybe celebrate the child's birthday in July, make it a 1/2 year birthday, then let Christmas, be Christmas!
The year my oldest son was born, he was born on Father's Day....and from time to time, it ends up on Father's Day again.
There has been times when my Mother's birthday would end up being on Easter...and me, well....I am such a big fool......I was born on April Fool's Day....I call myself the official April Fool's bay-bee.


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I don't really know anyone with an awkward birthday (besides a couple GF members actually, lol). My little cousin's is January 2nd and hates it because her birthday gets overshadowed by New Year's Eve, according to her.

If I had a kid on a day like Christmas, I'd probably give them an unofficial birthday some other time in the year (as you mentioned), like the Queen. :D


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My aunt was born on september 11th. Yeah, it kind of sucks.
She was with her mother making a birthday cake when the attacks came on the news. :(


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My birthday shares an anniversary with the Columbine shootings as well as Hitler's birthday. It is also 420 day.


Sally Twit
My mum's Birthday is on Halloween. She hates going out on her actual Birthday as she gets worried kids will egg the house.


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my birthday is Aug.13 i hated it as a kid because the first day of school would be on my birthday or close to it. but now im fine with it.:D


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My birthday is April 16 ... it's been on easter before, and same day as Virgina Tech shootings. Although ... I was born first.


My friend's birthday is Dec. the 25th. She hates it as she has almost no attention on her, during that day.
And yeah, it sucks.

My birthday is one day before Albania's Independence Day and I'm glad it's that way.
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/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
My birthday is a holiday, it doesn't really affect me. I like that in some countries it means it's a non working day. Party!

I think a bad bday would be Feb 29. How lame is it to only celebrate your birthday on the exact date every 4 years?


It's not me, it's you.
Mine sometimes lands on Father's Day, and is one day before Juneteenth. I never could get off work for it before as a teen. My father and I didn't really get along when I was growing up, so I always hated sharing the day with him when it came around. My dad and I are getting better, though.
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