Birthday idea help pleeeease?!


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So, it's my 21st in just over a week, and I'm doing a bus pub crawl thing just before it! I have all that sorted now however it's just occurred to me that I should maybe have a theme to single out the 'bus lot'.

It's too late for a full blown fancy dress, but anyone got any idea of small/cheap/easy attainable things that everyone could do/wear?

Had suggestions such as hats etc, but even then I have no idea what sort of hats and whatnot.

Thank yooooooou :)
Do you have an army surplus near you? Or something like that. Or do you and your kronies have combat fatigue type stuff? And access to some sort of face paint?
If so, you could all go out as army goons.
We had a similar outing, a barbecue actually. Very short notice, I only knew about the plan 2 hours before going but it worked out brilliantly. Honestly, once the plan is set in motion you'll get to work and track down the stuff you need.

If you have a surplus store you can get everything in one shop. Camo paint, clothes, dog tags, hats etc... Check your phone book or something if unsure. It would look unique, and be memorable...

Hope that helps... Although, it probably doesn't because I am a moron. Tra :)


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Thanks for the input guys, both amazing ideas! I'll run them both past everyone and see the verdict.

There is a army surplus nearby, as well as a sports shop, so everything should be easy enough to get to! :)

Thanks again!