Birthday Beatings


rainbow 11!
I had just woken up and guess who comes into my room and jumps on my bed? Yes! My sister! She starts slapping my ass and I fought back, so she started to punch me really hard in the legs... The harder I fought back, the harder the hits were. She kept saying, "Birthday Beatings! Birthday Beatings!" It's not even my birthday! That's tomorrow. So when I told her she said that she is just going to have to do it again.... and that it will be worse. >.<

I went to my mom's room and tackled my sister to the bed and had her pinned with my legs and I had her arms twisted with mine. Then she started to smack me on the head and I lost hold of one of her arms so she punched me in the same spot on my leg several times.

I got my ass handed to me. >.<
Hahah, that's awesome. Usually it's only guys who get birthday beatings, and each guy gives you one punch on the arm per year old you are. Kind of sucks when you're late teens and older and you have a lot of friends though...
I've never heard of birthday beatings. My friends never did that to me although they do hit me sometimes for no particular reason.