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  1. Major

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    If you are sexually active, what methods of protection and/or birth control do you use? Have you ever run into any problems with them?

  2. NINnerd

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    I am on the pill, and then I also use condoms. If it is someone I've been with a while, and we've both been tested, then I will go without the condoms, but I'll use a spermicidal foam (along with the pill).
  3. Merc

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    Birth control is all we use at the moment which yeah is probably not the greatest method, but we're both STD free and the pill is almost 100%. We've yet to find a condom that provides any decent stimulation for either of us just yet.

    I seriously wonder if someone has ever thought to create a cock cork :lol:

    That way the sensation is there but the mess is not.
  4. Italiano

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    Usually I've had girlfriends who are on the pill and if we've both been tested we'll keep the condoms on standby but we still take other precautions aside from the pill alone.

    I've been with one girl who wanted to use condoms even when she was on the pill just because she was a little paranoid. She was the only girl I've been with where I've had a condom break on me, that was fun. Funny thing was she was more calm about it then I was at the time, but the issue was quickly resolved the morning after.
  5. ysabel

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    Pills, condoms, withdraw, natural/calendar method .... these failed with me. The ones that work but is not considered good (because of side effects) is injection that lasts for 3 months. So you do it at that interval.
  6. WesJones87

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    My first girlfriend was using the injection method of contraception, but we still used condoms. Sophie didn't like the idea of the injection so we just used condoms, and now I'm able to post in the parenting section. So Condoms on their own don't always work, kids.
  7. EllyDicious

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    i've heard birth control makes you gain an uncontrolled weight. is that true? i have lots of friend who are now fatter because of them.

    i wonder why people don't use condom. is it because reduces the sensitivity or because it's not a secured method for protecting yourself?.

    question: do you go on a test with every partner before being sexually active?
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  8. Mihael_langley

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    I use a condom every time, even if shes on the pill. Maybe once im in a steady relationship...
  9. Italiano

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    I doubt the weight gain issue is true. Either way, sex is a great form of exercise and burns a lot of calories. Unless your friends have used krispy kreme as a form of contraceptive I think those are just unsubstantiated rumors.

    Condoms are actually one of the safest methods of contraceptive to use. Condoms are the only birth control that protect against STIs and diseases but yes, the downside is that it reduces the sensitivity for the male which is why a lot of men prefer a different method of contraception.
  10. AnitaKnapp

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    There is semi-truth to it. The pill messes with your hormones, which may make you hungrier than you normally are. The problem that most women have with this is that they tend to snack more after starting the pill. However, that behavior can easily be modified or stopped. I've never had a problem with it myself, although I could tell a huge difference in food cravings before and after. I just had will power.

    Normally if I'm in a serious relationship, it's nuva ring only. If I were not in one, I would more than likely double up and also use a condom to at least also protect against STDs. Some of that shit is permanent, and you can't trust people to be honest with you on whether or not they've been tested.

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