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still nobody's bitch
Here's something that I bet most of you didn't know about me. I'm something of a birder. :dork: I picked it up from my mom when I was growing up because she was always scrambling for her bird book every time she saw something new. She even used to keep a list of what birds she had seen. I don't go that far, but I do like to know what kind of bird it is I've seen if I see something new, and every March I get really excited the first time I see a Red Winged Blackbird, because it means Spring isn't too far away.

The other day I saw a type of duck I'd never seen before, or even heard of.

American Coot

My favorite bird is the Great Blue Heron


Problematic Shitlord
My mother used to be quite avid with the bird watching. Combined with my general love of animals, I know most of the bird species in my state. Although, the most stunned I've been was going to an animal preserve/zoo (they took in injured animals and cared for them while having them on display so it had kind of a dual functionality) and seeing a bald eagle up close.

They're fucking huge. They've also got one of the most menacing glares of any animal.


yellow 4!
I always get excited when I see new or unusual birds. We get the occasional random species in the garden and my mum always laughs because me and my dad will watch it for ages whilst it just sits there or wonders around :dork:

Though I don't like herons because we used to get one that would visit us everyday to try and eat the fish out of the pond. I saw him successfully carrying one off a couple times.


Registered Member
I didn't expect it, but I bloody love it!
I have a passion for Ornithology, or at least I did when I was little. Constantly there with my head in bird books and stuff. Although, I ain't part of any birdwatching society of anything, it'd be something I could certainly enjoy.

Although, my knowledge of our feathered friends evades me when it comes to birds not native to the UK - Although, I know of the obvious species, like Condors and Secretary Birds and stuff.

I am a little perplexed by your picture though. The 'American' Coot. It doesn't look much different to the Coot we get over here:


As for my own bird tastes, these pictures are based on birds I've actually seen, identified, and consider my best encounters:

Red Kite:


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker:


Yellow Wagtail:

I've seen a bunch more, but these are my fondest bird-spotting/watching memories -

Rep to you Jeanie for the opportunity. Awesomeness!


still nobody's bitch
yay HES! Your Kingfisher looks very different from ours. Ours has a crest.

I've seen a couple of those guys. They like to hang around wetlands.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I don't really keep track or anything, but as a big fan of nature and animals I always enjoy looking outside and watching birds do their thing.

What's strange in the last year is that I live in the suburbs but there have been a lot of (what we're guessing are) Red-Tailed Hawks around.



Well-Known Member
When I was little I had a couple bird books, and I took them with me when I went out to identify anything new I spotted. Me and my brother used to have competitions to see who had seen the most. Can't say it's something that's continued though.


Creeping On You
If I see a bird that looks cool that I've never seen, I generally try to find out what it is. I don't go out looking, but birds do interest me greatly.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think birds are really amazing, fascinating creatures. I can't say I ever go birdwatching, but I do enjoy watching them. A couple years ago some robins built a nest on our neighbor's house and it was in perfect view from one of our windows, so I watched them quite a bit and it was fun to see the chicks grow and eventually leave the nest.

Most of my birdwatching comes from watching nature documentaries on TV.


Registered Member
I see a lot of bird life when out and about fishing,eveything normal for river's and lakes like swan's,geese,coots,greeb's and ducks.

Every so often I see some really nice sights, I have watched a hawk hunting for its dinner, seen a barn owl swoop silently over the lake right in front of me, and had a kingfisher take up residence on my rod tip at sunrise.

The local royal park has a small group of egyptian geese and a very largeand noisy group of green parrots, no idea where they came from.
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