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One of the best video games I have ever played in my life is Mass Effect, an expansive role-playing futuristic sci-fi game. The game not only has great graphics and an immense universe, but features one of the best user-controlled narrative structures I've ever seen.

It could easily be turned into an awesome movie without much work, which is why I'm ecstatic to write this news today. Apparently Avi Arad, who was once the CEO of Marvel, has option the rights to the game from publisher Electronic Arts. There aren't any other major details to add to this story at the moment, but we can be sure that Arad is working hard to get this project into development, including finding some writers and pitching the idea to studios.

Whenever I would play Mass Effect, it was one of those games that I felt like needed a movie right away. It was such an incredible universe to play in and the story started getting more and more complex at every turn. You control a character named Commander Shephard who is fighting against an edgy bureaucracy and numerous planetary gangs.

In fact, the game is nearly a movie itself, devoting more to its cinematic storytelling than any actual action. I really can't wait to see this come to fruition; I just hope that Arad knows what he's doing and hires the right creative team. This is no skimpy sci-fi film, it needs a big budget, an experienced director, and a writer that won't turn this into yet another cheesy video game movie.

I'm actually so excited by this news that I think I'm going to pop in my disc of Mass Effect and play through it again when I get home. This truly is a dream come true for me, because I'm a big sci-fi nut and Mass Effect was the greatest sci-fi video game I ever played. Hope you pull it off Avi Arad!
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I've yet to play this game...I need to get with it. Anyways. For the people who have played the game, what do you think of this? Can a Mass Effect movie be done and be done good?