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Xbox 360 Bioshock


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I jsut picked up Bioshock from my local electronic store and all I can say its great. Great gameplay, great graphics and grat physics. Definitely a must have if you own a 360.


New Member
I think I saw a preview for this game a while back on TV. It's a FPS right?

What's the storyline?
I love this game! I am almost addicted to it! Everything about it is awesome! It is first person. The storyline, is that you are some guy flying over the ocean and the plane you're in crashes, for some reason, and you are transported to Rapture, an underwater city, and basiclly have to fight your way through the city to get back to the surface, and back home! Play the game. Its awesome! :)


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I also heard that Bioshoack is going to be the "new" Halo as Halo 3 will be the last installment of the Halo series.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Bioshock doesn't have a multiplayer, though. I think Bungie is going to have a game based on the Halo universe, but not a Halo game, with Master Chief as the protagonist again.


Secret Agent
Staff member
That would be cool. I say if it aint broke, don't fix it. They should make another Sci-Fi FPS, but, not necessarily Halo. It doesn't even have to have Master Chief in it. They need to stick to the elements that worked though.

As for Bioshock being the "next Halo"... I doubt that it will be. I haven't heard much about it... which by now I should have heard a TON about it if it was going to be the next Halo. It's hard to be the next Halo when the next Halo just came out... It's called Halo 3. :cool:

I wouldn't bother looking for any Halo killers until Halo is dead and gone. Right now according to Bungie.net Halo is alive and well:

Halo 3 Online
  • Halo 3 Players Online: 301,039
  • Unique Players (Last 24 Hours): 853,482
  • Matches Logged (Last 24 Hours): 3,857,441
  • UNSC Campaign Kill Count: 1,773,206,548


Registered Member
Heh, I'm almost certain about half of Bungie's employees will kill themselves if they have to do another Halo game of any kind. They've been working on it for a decade, its probably about time for them to move onto something else. There is that still unrevieled Halo project with Peter Jackson. Other than that, I've heard some hearsay about a whole new IP they'll be working on. Should be interesting to see what it is.


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Amazon.com is currently running a promotion for those who are interested in getting Bioshock for the XBox 360. Biochock and the Darkness for $49.99 with free shipping. Definitely a good deal if you want to check out Bioshock.


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I want to get bioshock. it looks really addicting.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I actually own it and still have yet to play it. I'm going to have to get around to that one of these days...
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