Xbox Brand Bioshock...kiss your GoW goodbye.


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Bioshock is a first-person adventure game that is a succesor to System Shock. It takes place in a libertarian Ayn Rand-esque utopian underwater city that has been destroyed in a war over a slug species that secretes stem-cells, which can be used to augment humans.

This game is totally open ended, has fantastic AI and graphics, and uses "emergent gaming", sort of in the vein of GTA. I think this game will completely pound the somewhat simplistic GoW into the ground when it comes out in June.

It will also be available for Vista.


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I think this game will completely pound the somewhat simplistic GoW into the ground when it comes out in June.
From what you've said they appeal to totally different crowds (even though I'll own both). Bungie even said that HALO 3 and GoW won't be competing against each other.


Yeah, I'm drooling over this one...I was a big fan of System Shock 2. Everything about the game screams atmosphere....ooh I can't wait. I will say, Kaz, that GoW is really a well made game. The focus of GoW was to be a big 'ol brute of a shooter, and does this oh so well. Like Gavik said, these are just two different breeds of games.

I don't know why Ken Levine suggested that this is a shooter because, at its heart, it really isn't. This'll be a great mix of many genres like RPG, adventure, horror, and story-based shooter. It'll be quite similar to System Shock, ironically. Another game with similar elements is Deus Ex(one of my favorites of all time).

I don't mean to be snooty but....I can get kinda snooty about games.


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I can instantly see people going up in arms about the player killing children...


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I just downloaded and beat the demo for this game and I have to say . . .



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Everything about the game is incredible, I was so disappointed when it ended (even though it was a good 15-20 minutes) because I wanted more.

Sound, graphics, characters, voices, atmosphere, ambience, presentation, all of it is totally in sync and incredible. I'm going to be so sad when it comes out because I won't be able to get it for a few weeks.



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Why wont your be able to get it?

Also I heard the Campaign was great but the Multiplayer is what could be shaky. EGM was not sure how the MP will pan out whether it will be fluid and balanced or even fun.

But we will see!