Bioshock 2


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The game has been out for a few days now, how does it measure up guys? I've seen a lot of previews of it on Youtube, and it looks sick.

Does it meet your expectations?

Do you plan to buy the game, if you already haven't?



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I am playing it now for the 360. I am enjoying it but it really plays very similarly to Bioshock 1 except there are different weapons.

They improved the hacking, at first I was dying too much (I am playing on hardest) however I am at the point where I am hardly dying at all. I killed a big daddy without getting hit once. Just kept using winterblast and shooting.

I enjoy the game but there haven't been as many changes as I expected. I haven't tried the multiplayer though.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I think one of the differences now is that you get to be a big daddy, which is a whole different game on it's own, at least to me it is, you get a chance to adopt a little sister who can acquire adam for you...and of course being able to use plasmids and weapons at the same time which is a lot more convenient.


The Rock is cooking atm..

Sorry for the bump, but I plan on getting this game today hopefully.

I have to finish number 1 again, to get back into the Bioshock feel haha.

Surprised not many people have replied here yet, no ones into Bioshock? Or is still an MW2 love fest? haha


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I beat the game a few days ago and yeah, it's a lot of the same. However, I don't see that as a bad thing with this series. I have yet to try multiplayer but the story is just as awesome as the previous game and the villain, Sophia Lamb, is nuttier than squirrel shit and it makes the game great. However, spoiler alert! There isn't a big boss at the end of the game but that doesn't mean the story isn't absolutely stunning.


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No boss at the end of the game? Meh, doesn't bother me lol...I'm still playing through it.

The only issue I have is having to hold the RB button to use a health pack or eve hypo lol...but the B button melee attacks are pretty cool haha.

I've also noticed that they've made everything much smaller like the screen for instance, your health bar, and eve bar are pretty small, as well as the dialogue (if you choose subtitles).

What's up with that lol...and do you get a better gun than the rivet gun?'s a pretty bad ass weapon, but it shoots like shit lol...I want an auto gun, now that would be awesome woot woot!


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It is a fantastic game, on single player Ashame that MP is so broken on the PC.

Re-rivet gun, get the upgrades for it, another good weapon to use is the Spear gun fully upgraded. Also if you didn't know you can get Gene Tonics to add another Health and Hypo to make it 6 each.

Currently on my second playthrough Killing/ not killing the people i did before.


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Bioshock is one of the more unique games I've played in the last couple years, I can't wait to play the new one. I admit I don't have that high of expectations though, with it being made by a different development team and being practiply the same game with a few new features and story changes. With that being said I'm still excited to play it, and so is Dali. Bioshock was Dali's second game she played on xbox that was first person, I remember she got mad at me for setting it on easy for her playthrough, she realized towards the end it was a good idea.


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Haha, just beat the game 2 days ago, and definitely a worthy sequel. The thing that Bioshock always excelled in was story telling, and they didn't dissapoint in this sequel.

Did any of you guys get all of the power to the people stations? Towards the end of the game, I managed to fully upgrade every weapon except for the Shotgun and the Speargun...I assumed there was at least 2 stations in every level, until I realized there are 3 upgrades for a weapon lol....

I got the good ending, was really nice, and now I'm contemplating over what's to come of Rapture...


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I believe i was about 2 power to the people machines out. And i don't think you can upgrade all weapons since their are only 14 avaible. I just hope they fix the MP on it, so it doesn't lag to hell. And so you don't have to ALT-TAB out and in to temp fix it.