Binaural Beats


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i recently had to write a wiki page for one of my modules in college and i chose Binaural Beats as the subject. This is when tones playing at low and slightly different frequencies are simultaneously played separately to each ear and it can cause hormonally induced physiological behaviour changes. Such as making you happy, or calm, a sleeping aid, a learning aid and loads more.

this is the wiki page i wrote on it Binaural Beats - Idcwiki
(some of the external links below have a lot more information, i could only use so many words for the wiki page.)

anyway have you heard ofBinaural Beats before? and what do you think, do you believe in them?

(oh and if anybody reads the wiki page.... does it make sense? hopefully yes, it was a bit of a last minute 2 o clock in the morning job :p)


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I have not heard of binaural beats before. It does remind me of an old thread here about infrasound related to soundwaves produced by organ pipes, for example, giving that particular sensation to churchgoers.


I am the woolrus
ah cool i hadn't heard of those before. makes sense though. they seem to work off the Delta (low frequency) Brainwaves which are "associated with the unconscious, usually associated with a deep dreamless sleep. They can also represent intuition, curiosity, hunches or a "feeling" for situations and other people."

If anybody is interested in the effects of Binaural Beats, and has a lot of time to spare, there's a site here that offers free streaming of Binaural Beats files: I Dose they have a list of different ones like; anti-depressent, energy boost, creativity boost. unfortunately i haven't been able to try them yet as i didn't bring my headphones home with me!