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Billy Graham's Final Sermon


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Few men in all of history have been as influencial as Billy Graham. He turned 95 years old and still lives on today, but this is his final message to the world after over 60 years of preaching.

I just watched the entire video in full (it originally aired on Hannity). This is powerful, powerful, powerful.

My Hope America w/ Billy Graham
Watch Billy Graham Deliver Final Sermon at 95: 'I've Wept' for America - Religion, Birthday, Billy Graham : People.com

This is worth watching, I would encourage everyone here to listen and consider what is being said here. In my view, this is the most important thing for us to understand, it's not science, or politics, or economics, no, it's God. There are multiple testimonies mixed into this message and they're all powerful. I know people that have listened to Billy Graham and decided to start believing in God.

Thank you Billy Graham! For never faltering, for staying true, and for speaking life into people that had no other hope.

I want to note that this is not a thread to debate whether or not God is real. If you have questions then sure, go ahead and post them, but don't take this to a debate.
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I saw it last night and thought it was great. I couldn't believe that Lecrae was on there. I love Lecrae's music but I've never heard his testimony. Even at 95 Graham can deliver a message unlike anyone else can.


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That was really amazing and powerful and inspirational. It's probably the single most imporrant message out there. The power of the cross is a miracle and changes lives. It's good to get a reminder of this message every now and again. The testimonies were really striking as well. Wow