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Billy Crystal Blackface


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Billy Crystal Blackface: Oscars Host Causes Controversy With Sammy Davis Jr. Impression (VIDEO)

Will Billy Crystal's Blackface Force Oscars 2013 To Think Different? | Contactmusic

Do you think Billy Crystal went to far, or people are just overreacting? Personally, I don't believe Crystal meant anything by his remarks, especially his impersonation of Sammy Davis Jr. which he has done in the past on Saturday Night Live.

What are your thoughts?


Embrace the Suck
First off I don't watch the Oscars, I couldn't care less who wins what award for whatever catagory, so I didn't see it live and the crowds reaction. Secondly, Billy Crystal is just lame and using old jokes from SNL just proves how lame he is always has been. Most importantly this technically isn't "Black Face", this is a Sammy Davis impersonation, not playing around about Al Jolson and all that. There was no racial intent in this and people really need to get over it. There was no stereotype being portrayed here, this was an impersonation of a specific person, not very funny, but not one filled with stereotypes.


Registered Member
Again, like I've said in previous threads, I have no problem with people painting themselves black or whatever. In today's society, we know damn well that if Lil Wayne would paint himself white and dress all proper, there wouldn't be any fuss about it and everyone would think it's hilarious. Oh no though, someone paints themselves black and dresses like Lil Wayne, call the NAACP.. we got a racist over here!

Like CO said, Crystal was doing an impersonation of someone. There's no racism intended.

I wish everyone would just take Morgan Freeman's stance on racism and move on. He wasn't impersonating a black man, he was impersonating a man.