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We've heard about the prospective Nightmare on Elm Street remake / reboot for quite a while, but there hasn't been any real progress.

However, now that New Line has moved in under Warner Brothers, apparently the studio has gained some new interest in bringing Freddy Krueger back. Just like Jason and the new Friday the 13th, which is also now a Warner Brothers movie, Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is the company that's hoping to restart the franchise.

Ex-Freddy Robert Englund has been out promoting the release of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer on radio stations and mentioned to a few of them that he's heard the rumor that Billy Bob Thornton might play the new Freddy. We heard it on KROQ in Los Angeles last week, now a JoBlo listener says they heard it on Loveline as well.

I don't personally recall everything Englund said, but on Loveline he said that he's not opposed to being replaced and believes that the the franchise could use a remake because back in 1984 it was a film with a big concept being made on a small budget.

Englund has become a legend for playing Freddy in a total of eight films, including Freddy vs. Jason, and it would be a daunting task to fill his shoes. However, if anyone, Billy Bob Thornton definitely seems like the right guy for it. Just look at that mock image above that we whipped up - seems like a good fit to me?

I'm actually quite intrigued that Platinum Dunes seems to be going for a big name for the villain rather than finding someone physical to fit the role - like Derek Mears in Friday the 13th. However, this definitely isn't anything that I'm worried about. Would Billy Bob be a good Freddy?
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I'm a fan of Billy Bob Thornton and think he's a great actor. And after seeing this pic,

I think he could pull it off.

These are nothing but rumors right now but I won't be surprised at all if they ended up making a remake/reboot.
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After seeing that image, I'll give him a chance. I'm so use to Robert being Freddy Krueger with his personality and style, it'll be tough moving on to a new person.

If they do decide to remake, they better get in the new era 'cuz those Freddy Krueger movies from the 80's are now laughable. Nothing too gory, of course, just something more frightening that'll give you a scare.


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Ehh . . he doesn't have a mean enough face. Freddy is a sadistic bastard and Thorton (at least in that photo) looks silly and fruity.


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Nightmare on Elm Street Remake

Billy Bob Thornton will be playing Freddy Krueger in the announced "Nightmare on Elm Street" remake.

Thornton To Star In Nightmare On Elm Street Remake

13 August 2008 12:35 AM, PDT | From | See recent WENN news

Billy Bob Thornton will star as Freddy Krueger in a new Nightmare On Elm Street movie.

The 53-year-old actor will take on the chilling role in a remake of the 1984 original.

Robert Englund, who played the part in eight films, revealed that Thornton will star in the horror films and is an "excellent choice" for the role.

He adds, "A big budget should mean the film will look a lot better than some of the old movies."
Thornton To Star In Nightmare On Elm Street Remake


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OK, that puts an interesting spin on things. I don't know what they plan to do with this one, but at a least they have a good actor. My only thing is most horror movies lately that involve teenagers usually ends up a sucky movie in my opinion. Hopefully they will prove me wrong.
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Y'know, I always just saw Robert Englund as the sole role of Freddy Krueger, but I'm willing to give Billy Bob a shot. If they do it right, they'll make it better then those laughable Nightmare on Elm Street movies from the 80's.

Good luck, Billy.


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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't fuck with a classic!

I hate the fact that Hollyweird is remaking movies. Leave Freddy alone! Go pick on a crappier Horror flick that needs to be done right like...Troll, Chopping mall, or even I spit on your grave. Anything! But leave Freddy alone!

Get some original thought Hollyweird, quit doing remakes!