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Ya, once again, back, it's the incred--

Whatever, hey everyone, I'm baaaack!

I've been moving around, and I just now got back to Sullivan, and this is the more basic updates in my life.

My fiance cheated on me (4X).
I left my fiance.
My house is different from when I left it on account of remodeling.
I have internet access, lol.

And, I've got my eye on this other woman, so perhaps I will be a little less 'I'm going to kill the world' lately. LOL.

William A. Mendon


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Welcome back, Bill. Things haven't changed much for me, though I'm not a mod anymore. Baiscally, I'm still having a kid and going to college.


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4 times, not very nice of your fiance : ( But still, think of it as a bullet dodged, it could be worse, you could be now married to your fiance : )


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You make an excellent point...

I need a sponcer for my skating... I'm thinking about the local Glicks...