Billion Dollar Business Coperation. (FC Style)


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Let's just pretend for a moment that FC was a large coperation. What position would certain members have in this huge billion dollar coperation? Let's make one huge list starting from top of the ladder to the ground. Don't go by the official positions of Mods and Admins either, try to make this thread fun and switch it up abit BUT with good reason.

I wanna see how the cooperation would be run if certain people ran that and this.

(This thread was inspired by the fact that I was previously doing a stock market project and was wondering how the different businesses do on the stock market depending on how well they actually run their business in the first place)


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Himie you are the reason why the guys love to go on lunch breaks all the time and are grouped around the lounge area watching something aren't you -.-; Now I know the truth, stop getting busy during work!

Security Squad- Vegito, Alex, and Henskie


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Being a security guard would be awesome. Getting to hang out with Henskie and Alex all the time...... priceless.

Secretaries: Jeanie, Kyo and Himeko.


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I think Kyo would be more of the web page designer...

Swift would be one of the lower workers who is plotting an evil take over... He would work in finances...

And Jeanie would be the office psychologist.... ^^