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Bill that mandates all marriage licenses be issued by clergy.


Free Spirit
Staff member
This is the stupidest thing I've heard today. The only way you can get a marriage license is if clergy issues you one. It also bars all judges and secular officials from performing marriages. Its a way to keep gays or atheists from getting married. Its already been approved by house republicans now its going to the senate.


Hope their senators see the light and vote against this. I can't believe this bill wouldn't violate the separation of church and state.

Sometimes I wonder if they are afraid a republican will be the next president.

Here's a couple of better articles on this.


House passes bill to abolish Oklahoma marriage licenses | NewsOK.com
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not a plastic bag
They're just saying the marriage license cannot be issued by a government official, right? I don't see where it has anything to do with being anti-gay or anti-atheist. Isn't the opposite true? The reason why gays cannot marry in some states is because the government is involved. Just like the reason why whites could not marry blacks was because government was involved.

I like the idea generally but I'm not sure how it plays out. Many of the Democrats asked wouldn't this lead to incest marriages and polygamy? I think they make a good point but honestly I'm not sure if those decisions should be left to government or not. Its an interesting case to think about.