Bill Simmons running diary of Wrestlemania 26

WrestleMania XXVI and … good lord! That's Bill Simmons' running diary music! - ESPN

It's kind of a long read but for me, a fan of both Bill Simmons and the WWE, it was well worth it.

I laughed out loud numerous times. Some people might not like it, or might get offended because he takes shots at the WWE - but if you have some time to spare, you might as well at least skim through it.

Actually, I laughed a lot.

I might go back and quote some of my favorite parts.


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I read the whole thing yesterday...I enjoyed it for the most part. I figured he was being sarcastic the whole time though haha.

Matt Striker made a crack on him last night on Superstars...which makes sense because Simmons apparently hates Striker. So he's clueless in that sense.


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Yeah I read this like the day after Wrestlemania, it was a rather good read since it takes a rather sarcastic approach to certain parts of the event.