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Miscellaneous Bill Gates vs World Chess Champion


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Bill Gates recently took on Magnus Carlsen, the reigning World Champion, in a game of chess. Gates was given 2 minutes, while Carlsen had just 30 seconds for the entire game.

Gates made some obvious mistakes, but I can't say I'd do much better under the pressure of only having 2 minutes, not to mention the person sitting across from me.

Pretty awesome how fast Carlsen's mind works.



Free Spirit
Staff member
That guy was awesome, Gates didn't stand a chance against him and he probably knew that. It was like Carlsen already knew what move to make instantly without even thinking about it.


Embrace the Suck
At that level you know what move to to make instantly, you anticipate your opponents moves and you move accordingly. He opened with the classic opening for black, being on the defensive side, and quickly changed to Gates being on the defensive. Watching people at that level is incredible.