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I am without a bike for an unspecified period of time :( During my ride yesterday my chain kept slipping, once going up a hill when I was really digging in and I managed to twist my ankle. So, the bike is in the shop. I know it is just a minor adjustment, but the repair guy goes on first-come, first-served.

As I say every year, next time I'll take it in for routine maintenance during the winter.


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Staff member
That's too bad. Did he give you any type of estimate for how long it should take? It shouldn't be more than a few days I wouldn't think.

What kind of biking were you doing anyway? Offroad or paved?


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It will be "about a week, maybe two or three -- everyone in town brought in their bikes this week."

It slipped a couple of times off-road, but the worst was going up a very steep paved hill. In addition, I have a couple of gears that aren't right and my front brakes are not responsive -- I use them and they stay engaged. I've just been using the breaks, so now they are pretty worn. I'm horrible about maintenance, but I'm getting it all taken care of at once.


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Maybe you will luck out and you will get it back sooner than you think. But it sounds like what your doing by getting it fixed is the best thing you can do.


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I'm unbikeless! They work quick. They gave it a complete tune-up and replaced a quick-release thingy that was missing. I can't wait to pick it up today.


New Member
Great to hear that you can pick up your bike! That was actually a pretty quick repair. Is your ankle okay now, too?