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Biggest WWE disappointment, 2010

Biggest disappointment 2010

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Better Call Saul
Staff member
2009 Winner: Edge is hurt

What was the biggest disappointed in the WWE this past year? Your choices to pick from are below...

***Christian doesn't get the push he deserves. Christian is back and he has a nice run on ECW. You'd think that would lead to a huge push on Smackdown but it never materialized and than he got hurt.

***John Cena/Nexus angle. This was THE feud in the WWE. It got all the time on RAW and got the most attention. It ended with a loud thud. It could have been about ten times better but the writers screwed it up.

***Ted DiBiase. This was one I put out there myself. Ted DiBiase Jr finished with a terrible record in 2010 and has been almost buried on RAW. His run with the Million Dollar title flopped and Maryse is adding almost nothing to him right now. He needs a change. His record is 15-30-2 and he was supposed to become a huge player. Cody Rhodes has far surpassed him right now.

***So many wrestlers hurt, retiring, asking to leave or straight up released. How many guys did we lose this year? Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Batista, MVP, Matt Hardy, Christian, Carlito, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan for a point in time, Evan Bourne, Skip Sheffield, Triple H, CM Punk for a period, Kaval, Mickie James, and Shelton Benjamin. That's quite the list!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was extremely disappointed in the John Cena/Nexus ending, like you mentioned it could of been much better but unfortunately it wasn't. The whole firing, then he gets a goodbye speech in the ring and comes back next Monday was a huge slap of some wrestlers that never got the chance to say goodbye. In all honesty, if you get fired, you're piss you don't thank all the fans and saying you're going to miss the WWE. So there were a lot of holes in that whole angle.

Even though, I am a pretty big Christian fan it didn't bother me all that much that he didn't get the World Title, I think he might get a chance in 2011 if he remains healthy.

Unbelieve how many players the WWE lost for some reason or another this year. I don't remember the last time so many of them left in one year. The worst firing of this year would be Shelton Benjamin, I still don't understand why he got release. I would of said it was Daniel if he never came back.

With all that said, you all know how many times I said that DiBiase was the future of this business. I loved that they brought back the Million Dollar belt, but like Millz mentioned the whole storyline was a disaster. They should of pushed hard for the DiBiase/Goldust but of course they didn't. He was extremely disappointed in 2010, which I honestly expected big things that he got away from Team Orton. I still have faith in him in 2011, and he definitely needs a change, but hopefully he can have a rebound year.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Yep, I agree with you Biz. I went with Ted DiBiase as well. When something like this happens it's not entirely the writers fault nor the wrestlers fault...they each have their faults. They gave him a chance but it just didn't work out. It was a disappointing year but like you said there's always 2011...I think he'll bounce back.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
As a Christian fan, I'm going with his "no push." I was just as disappointed as others regarding DiBiase, but to me I'm looking at how much time he has ahead of him. He'll get his good push at some point.

Christian, on the other hand, has all of the in-ring talent, charisma, and experience to make an incredible main-eventer. Fans love him, and he's an easily hated heel. The guy deserved that push and was in the perfect spot for it after his ECW title run...yet Vince buried him, once again, to random tag team partners and half-feuds that never led to anything memorable and never led to title shots. It sucks, man.


Where is my Queen?
As a fan of Captain Charisma it was really disappointing not to see him get a push, but I had to go with the Nexus and Cena angle. I remember that we were all excited with this angle, talking about all the angles that are possible when Cena returns and we get slapped in the face by the bad writing of the E. Now reportedly the reason behind this was because Orton had a minor injury and they had to rush the Nexus angle. This just proves that the WWE is not creative and that they are a bunch of idiots because they couldn't think of nothing else. I also don't see what Orton had to do with this angle anyways.


Haters gonna hate.
I was torn between voting for Ted and voting for the mass exodus of wrestlers. I ended up voting for "so many people gone" because the wrong people are gone. I would rather see a Mike Knox or a Shad than an R-Truth.. a Shelton or Charlie over a Hart Dynasty. The wrong people left. End of story.


I ♥ Haters
I think 2 things stood out on this list for me.

The Cena/Nexus angle was great and it was THE feud of the year, but the writers dropped the ball at the end. It could've ended a whole lot better than it did. However, I went with "So many people left" because its just disappointing to see so many talented people leave the company, not to mention half of them weren't even being utilized properly.


Lion Rampant
Besides the poll choices, the fact of no E&C and the lackluster Bret/Shawn anticlimax were big bummers for me. A Christian solo gold run, not so missed. I feel as though he's been riding his peepularity just a hair bit since re-emerging from the depths of TNA. I love his ladder matches. That's

Cena/Nexus, to put it in a tone he might use: Come on, guys! It's over! We should be celebratin'! Nexus got punked, and then they got Punk; Wade Barrett is on his way to a high card singles program, possibly as one of the good guys this time, since the other two big UK imports are established heels; the Cena cousins scampered out of the spotlight at last... I mean, what more can y' ask for? Maybe I'm the only one, but I didn't care too much how the endgame was written.

Ted Jr.'s stall was a surprise. So much for the rumor of him retiring Taker, I guess. They wouldn't have him as far down as he is, this close to the big day. What happened? He had vertical momentum right up until his dad and the MD belt popped into frame.

To the list of the missing, add these workers I liked: Tommy Dreamer, Hurricane Helms, Funaki, Jimmy Wang Yang, Vance Archer, Jesse and Festus, Paul Burchill, Charlie Haas, and Maria. That'll be my vote. The pro wrestling world also lost some good people to death too young, like Luna Vachon, Lance Cade and the tragically alone and depressed Chris Kanyon.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
The biggest disappointed in the WWE in 2010 was...

So many guys gone via released, retirement, etc