Biggest Surprises of the 2008 Season


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What are you, the NFL fans, the most surprised about this football season?

The Miami Dolphins not having a better record then they do.

Your team just went 1-15. Your mind set is, hey, we have to prove that we really are not as bad as our record was last year.

They've never had a bad team, they just as of recent, have not had a quarterback to take control and give them stability, and Pennington has been. Injuries have also plagued them. The Wing has been helping them a lot too with two great running backs in Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

The New York Giants are one of the best in the league?

I know they won the Super Bowl, but this is a team where last year against the Minnesota Vikings, one of the worst Pass Defenses of the league, threw 3 Interceptions that were returned for Touchdowns.

Darren McFadden? More like Felix Jones..

Reggie Bush? More like Lendale White..

The somewhat back-ups of some of the greatest College running backs are doing a lot better then their counterparts. Felix Jones is a change of tempo for the Cowboys. Burns defenses, makes people miss..
McFadden misses a lot games..

Lendale White, over the past few weeks, has just ran through defenses. His amazing acceleration allows him to run past the defenses and give him enough distance that he does not need great speed..
Reggie uses his run east and west and lose yards..
Titans going 7-0 is surprising.

Colts looking like shit in their own division is even more surprising.

Buffalo leading their division is also surprising.

And the Bengals being winless is surprising too, I mean I know they aren't cream of the crop but even they don't play that damn badly.


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Dolphins beating Patriots? That was pretty hard to swallow. If you'd have told me that last year I wouldn't have believed it at all.


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I think it will be a little more of Ronnie Brown Vs The Pats.

I wasn't too surprised, it happened what, 2 or 3 years ago too.