Biggest Surprise in the WWE, 2009

Biggest surprise this year?

  • CM Punk's heel turn

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I struggled coming up with many surprises for this year but did come up with three solid choices IMO...

Sheamus wins WWE title from John Cena

Kofi Kingston's main event push vs Randy Orton

CM Punk cashes in MITB, beats Hardy, turns full fledge heel
Really tough between Sheamus and Kofi getting a push. Um... I'll go with Kofi getting a push 'cuz I heard Sheamus works out with Triple H, and I'm not sure if that is surprising that he got a push after hearing that. If he didn't workout or knew Triple H well then I would have probably voted for him instead of Kofi.


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Working out with Trips or not Sheamus winning the WWE title that fast and over John Cena of all people is still ridiculously shocking.

I would put Punk's heel turn in second. It wasnt as shocking though because it happened over time.


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Cena coming back at the Royal Rumble was a surprise.

But my vote goes to Cena losing the title to Sheamus, I couldn't believe it when I saw that match and at the end Sheamus was holding the title. I knew he was getting pushed real hard, but not in a million years did I think he was going to win the title, especially against the poster boy John Cena.


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Sheamus winning most definitely.

I just couldn't believe it when I read it on the net, that Sheamus had won.

I was thinking to myself, that it was just too damn fast for him to be winning!


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Definitely Sheamus winning the WWE Title. I was like.... WHAAAAA? :p


The Rock is cooking atm..

No one actually, but it's funny if you think about it.

When a young superstar wins the title pretty fast, there will always be speculation as to why....and how?