Movies Biggest Surprise Ending?


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What movie or movies gave you the biggest surprise ending?

USE SPOILER TAGS (if you describe the ending).

I'm going to go with the 6th Sense.

When I watched it a second time I noticed so many parts that I just never thought about. A lot of this "trick" was pulled off in the editing. The audience would think they were cutting to a new day or whatever just as a normal part of the movie flow but in reality a lot of scenes were cut short to avoid ruining the ending. I do wonder though how Bruce Willis' character could have legitimately been surprised. Theoretically he should have lived through all of the scenes we didn't see too. Did he think his wife was just ignoring him for an entire year or what?


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Gran Torino definitely fits the bill here. I would've thought pretty much the exact opposite to happen. Of course, some assholes spoiled it for me before I ever saw it.


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Easily The Departed. So many surprise endings in itself.
The Departed had an amazing ending.

I'm at a loss for that many surprise endings at the moment. I can just point out any Em Knight Shamylama movie :nod:

The only one I can think of at the moment is Basic Instinct. We were mislead the whole movie.

But really, how can anyone put Sharon Stone in jail...unless....NO pretzel! Bad pretzel! Think about that later tonight... xD


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Saw 1 and Se7en are two movies that immediately come to mind for me...

I remember my jaw literally dropped at the end of both of those.


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Gran Torino and Seven both had awesome, shocking endings, but The Departed is the best that I can think of.