Biggest scam in EVE Online history


AKA Ass-Bandit

...a guy named "cally", who ran a corporation, a player-operated bank called "Eve Intergalactic Bank". Over the course of four months, hundreds of players deposited money in his bank, which offered interest, loans and insurance like every other ordinary bank. Except for the fact that one day, cally decided to grab all the money that was deposited and fly off to space with an alleged total sum of 790 billion Isk. In real life, this would translate to $170,000 - quite possibly the biggest MMO scam ever conducted.
Yes, I know this is a little old (posted August 22, 2006), but I found it interesting nevertheless.


#4 and stupid at the same time.......

Agreed. Out of those hundreds of users, at least one of them would remember his username and what not. If it was a little more inconspicous, such as offloading all of that loot onto a different account, dispersing it between several others, and then funneling it back to one other different account in order to sell it all off and cover his tracks, it'd have been a whole lot better.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...