Biggest impact in 2006?

Biggest impact in 2006?

  • A.J. Hawk

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  • Reggie Bush

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  • Vince Young

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  • Mario Williams

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  • D'Brickashaw Ferguson

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Which of the top five draft picks will have the biggest impact on his team in 2006? Personal i think that i will be another rookies that was never talk about.


Sultan of Swat
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I personally think that Vince Young is going to have the most impact especially since McNair left of Baltimore, he's the future of the team, so why not start him right away? Tennessee has nothing to lose in my mind, so why not give him a chance. But the defensive players have more chance to some playing time then the offensive players.

Dr. Fresh

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when i look at this, i just think of a player who can make an immediate impact without waiting. that takes out the QB's b/c young isn't going ot start right away. mario williams plays defense, not often you see a player make that much of an impact playing on the other side of the ball in their rookie year. aj hawk the same, tho he might possibly make a nice, strong impact. why i think bush will make an impact? the saints need a running game--bush is one helluva explosive, sensational player who has the moves, the speed, and he's pretty smallish. he'll make an impact.