Biggest Fight in Hockey History

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Mirage, Sep 30, 2010.

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    I was waiting for you to reply to this thread Goat. I knew you were going to post a beauty of a brawl. I remember watching that one not to long ago.

    I loved the Avalanche/Red Wings brawls back in the day. Those two teams hates each other like no other.
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    oh god yes, the Aves / Wings rivalry was amazing back when Roy and Hasek were in their haydays. Thats back when I first started watching the NHL, it was probably the best time to come into the game as an NHL noob thats for sure.

    The game has changed so much since then.

    hehehe not much more excitement in Hockey than a goalie fight. I remember that was one of the things I loved about the Falcons man... EVERY goalie they had, had at least at LEAST 2 fights a season;

    YouTube - Moreland vs Fukufuji
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    This is why I could never stay away from hockey. I may not have a favorite team but, this is the only sport that I know that fights will get big in a hot second and they'll drag out for a while. There's some real emotion in this shit. lol

    Re: LNAH brawl
    How the hell is he that stupid to start shit with an opposing bench like that and not think no one from that bench is going to rough him up?

    Re: Flyers/Senators brawl
    When the whole crowd is cheering you throughout that fight, that's how you can tell your city is behind you. Props to Brasseur for that hard ass shot. That could turn anyone into a bobble-head doll. lmao

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