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Biggest Fantasy bust and biggest suprise this year.


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I think Frank Gore has to be the biggest bust this year. Hes had one or maybe 2 good games all year. Shawn Alexander has also just totally screwed everyone that drafted him this year. I mean both have had injures this year but even when healthy neither has really done much of anything. My biggest surprise this year has to be the rookie Adrian Peterson (and the bears adrian Peterson for that matter) he has just come into this league and absolutly torn it up. I havent seen anyone do this since Barry Sanders came into the league. The second guy that suprised me this year has been Tony Romo I mean i expected his season to go like last year....up and down but i dont think hes had more than one or two games all year where he did not impress me with his numbers. I know Tom Brady will win the MVP hands down but Romo deserves at least some thought.


I would put Derek Anderson up there as a huge surprise, along with Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards by proxy.

A big bust in my league was the Chicago Defense.


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Biggest Surprise would have to be Minnesota's defense (8 tds - I drafted them) and Derek Anderson.

Biggest bust was two clowns I also drafted. Frank Gore and Marvin Harrison. Not to mention Larry Johnson and Shaun Alexander have been sucking.