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Bigger outrage: Banning cigarettes or alcohol?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
If alcohol and cigarettes were both illegal starting tomorrow, which of the two do you think would cause the bigger outrage?



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Alcohol, by far. More people use it. I'd be pissed about both, though.


Registered Member
agreed...i would outraged by both but a way to test it
take a cigarette from a smoker and a beer from a drunk and see who hits the hardest.:lol:


Registered Member
Good question.
I don't smoke and I don't really drink, so neither one would bother me.
But having seen what alcohol can and does to people...and seeing what cigarettes can do to people......I would be happiest to see cigarettes banned.
Both of course are deadly......but I have seen many people drink for 30 and 40 years and still keep going on.....and I have seen people who smoke, and non-smokers, develop lung cancer..and I know they suffer.
No doubt, either one would cause a ruckus......but for people like me, I would be happiest to see cigarettes banned~


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Alcohol...people understand that alcohol can be harmful to people if they consume it or if they have a problem. Still, it's more widely accepted to not be a direct threat to your health if you have it in moderation. Small amounts are even thought to be healthy (if you've heard the thoughts on 'a glass of red wine a day.')

With cigarettes, many believe that second-hand smoke is harmful to everyone around the smoker. Since being around an alcoholic beverage doesn't have an effect on peoples' health, I think it would be easier for the public to accept the loss of cigarettes.


Registered Member
Alcohol. Smoking is on the cultural way down, it isn't cool anymore in most popular cultures (where I live anyway). Basically it's regarded as pretty stupid, which it totally is when you think about it. But the same goes for alcohol, definitely a hard-drug but culturally accepted by all (fringe excepted).

I can perfectly see it happening in the future, not within a few decades, but in a few centuries, sure. It is bad for your health, beyond any doubt, and it is only the cultural drive that keeps people becoming addicted or at least 'hooked' on alcohol and tobacco. If both were culturally banished, so to speak, no one but the mentally incapacitated would get the idea of trying them out.

And don't think I don't do either, I smoke cigars every now and then as any good poof should and love the better beers and whiskeys as well as an occasional red wine. I know they are bad habits, but since they are socially okay and not directly destroying my health I can't seem to care enough.
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Babeasaurus Sex
Where I am people would be more furious about alcohol. I know alot of people who only smoke when they drink but none the other way around...


A Darker Knight
As Diederick said, smoking is not cool anymore. it used to be almost necessary in businesses and such and social occasions but not anymore.

Alcohol has a much wider social influence and taking it away would be taking away a segment of life.


Registered Member
On a personal level: alcohol.

I don't smoke, but I have been known to drink a little bit.

So banning smoking would make no difference to me, whereas alcohol would.

I assume this is the case more often than not.


Registered Member
well i used to be a smoker but have been packed in for about 19, 20 months now so personally it would,nt bother me if smoking was banned. Its banned here in public places now like pubs restaurants cinema etc. Alcohol hmm i do like a glass or two of wine, im not what i would call a heavy drinker but i do enjoy a drink so that would be a loss,, but i would get over it i think ,,;) but i have to agree with most others here ,,, the public would be more upset over banning Alcohol,,, i think maybe there are more people who drink than people who smoke too:-/thats just my opinion though, not based on any facts:D