Big Update On Hulk Hogan vs. The Big Show Inside

Corey Macklin called into Bubba The Love Sponge Show to promote this Fridays wrestling event with Hulk Hogan and to thank him and Sirius (who they are trying to get to broadcast it live or on tape delay Saturday). Here are bullet points from the appearance ...

-9 matches scheduled with Lance Russell, Jimmy Hart & Corey doing commentary.

-They discussed ticket sales are doing well and that Vince must be affected by how popular Hogan is on his own and Corey discussed what an amazing concert Brooke put on recently in Orlando.

-Bubba brought up that Vince was "shady" in how he handled his event in Memphis and how he approached Corey.

-They discussed bringing this legends show around to other areas and how he would love Bubba to travel around with them as well and that it would be headlined by Hogan.

-They discussed a lot of older names like Buff Bagwell, Barbarian, Brutus, Koko, and Greg Valentine that are filling out the card

-Bubba mentioned he is tagging with Brutus Beefcake against The Assassins.

-Corey broke news that Slick signed on to be there and asked Bubba if he would like him to be in his corner and Bubba said he'd rather have Jimmy Hart.

-Bubba said he is promoting Wednesday morning at 8am on Howard Stern's show and that he wanted Corey to call in Friday morning and that Jimmy Hart is calling in Thursday

-The first 5,000 fans through the door get a free $20 Sam's Casino Slot Play Card.

-There will be multiple crews videotaping.

-Bubba is doing the meet and greet with Hogan & Paul Wight at 6pm for the Platinum Ticket Holders, which is already sold out.

-Bubba ended by saying Hogan said there are already 5,200 tickets sold.

-Bubba promised a video will be on of his match and he mentioned again he did this at a loss of about $1,500 because he is flying his family in and getting a nice room, etc
Yeah I have no clue how to view this. I just thought it was neat how Hogan was going to put on his own show and show vince what is what.