Big time spoilers


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I dont know how this kind of thing can happen...just ridiculous.

Wonder how many people actually saw the preview giving away the result?

With just days until TNA Wrestling's biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year, a television commercial hyping TNA's November PPV has revealed the result for Sunday's AJ Styles vs. Sting Bound For Glory main event.

Several cable providers, including Time Warner, Comcast and Bright House have begun airing commercials for TNA Turning Point (11/15). The commercial was also available on "On Demand" sections of these cable providers.

The commercial explicitly reveals the result of the AJ Styles vs. Sting match at Bound For Glory. The ad clearly was obviously not supposed to see the light of day until after Bound For Glory.

Without spoiling the result of the match here, we can confirm that TNA is are aware of the situation and company officials are doing what they can to keep the situation "contained."


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Crazy...I didn't see it, and I wouldn't mind seeing the PPV if I find a way. I hope our GF buddies can keep it quiet if they do know! *hint* *hint*