Big Stuff Really Adds Up, Too :-(

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by katharina, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    So there's this blizzard that crippled the northeast. Sliding on ice right into a sharp hedge breaks expensive tail light units. And when it's below zero, cars
    can decide not to work properly and need some new innards that cost hundreds. THEN of course when it's so cold, it's the perfect time for the furnace to burn up and fill the garage with smoke so that I think the whole thing's going to blow and the repair guys have to come on an emergency call. I wasn't lucky enough to hear "no charge" of course. This was not a good week. :shake:

  2. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    Man, that's tough. Do you live around the areas that got 100+ inches of snow? I bet many people experienced similar situations. :(

    I'm telling you it's the "Day After Tomorrow" happening to us. Global warming is upon us! :D

    I hope not.... :(
  3. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    No, I'm not that far north luckily, but I am where there was an ice storm right after more than a foot of snow. For some reason no one can figure out, the state decided not to plow the interstates. Imagine! And people were forced to stay/sleep in their vehicles for 13 hours because the interstates were closed. How unbelievable is *that?!* :shake: (I hadn't traveled an interstate... whew!)
  4. Mirage

    Mirage Administrator Staff Member V.I.P.

    That happened here a month or so ago. The state actually CLOSED the interstates with big gates that swing shut over the entrances. People had to spend the night at 711 with strangers. Good times! :shake:
  5. Penguin

    Penguin Registered Member

    Wow! Sorry to hear you had such a bad week :(

    I don't live there anymore, but I am *from* the area where all that snow was, in upstate NY!! I lived there in 1976 when the last really big snowstorm was :D I kind of wish that I'm not still up there for all that beautiful snow!!
  6. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    It is beautiful... absolutely. Here's the "problem" :) If I'd know someone to hire who'd do all the heavy shoveling (so much worse with a layer of ice on top!) *and* hire a driver for that ice and black ice driving, then I'd be so thrilled to make snow angels and go sledding and drink hot chocolate all day. Oooh, that sounds good.... but I'll wake up now. hehe :D
  7. sarahlorrain

    sarahlorrain New Member

    I'm really sorry to hear about your bad week! I live in Texas for that reason, and that reason only! I hate snow and ice.
  8. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    I'm so glad that all that is behind us now! Spring's here now and it's much
    better. The car problems turned out to be a HUGE nightmare but it's okay
    for a while now again.
  9. Taggart

    Taggart Registered Member

    There was one time I was driving to work several hundred kilos from home, and the police had closed the highway due to snow so I had to wait it out, till they re-opened the road.

    In some areas in northern Ontario, they have electrical receptacles in parking lots so people can plug in their block heaters for their engines.
  10. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    Wow, now *that* is a place that is ready for the winter environment!
    Speaking of the weather (well we WERE!) right about the time I got
    used to spring, there's snow in the forecast for next weekend again!
    Just flurries, I think.

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