Big Show and Jericho


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Looks liks they are here to stay as they debuted with a hybrid song of both Show's song and Jericho's song on Smackdown...ala what Rated RKO had back in the day.

I think its fine for now...they are legitimizing the tag team championships and I am loving their feud with Cryme Tyme.

Not sure how long this will last but for now I am liking it.
I'm not a fan of using both their music for their entrance music. It sounds too forced and it doesn't blend well. I didn't like it with Rated RKO, and I'm not liking it with Show and Jericho. Maybe it's me. =P

As for the team, OK, good. It gives them something to do. When they had Ziggler & Knox vs Rey & Finlay I thought "Hmm, maybe they're testing out tag team partners." I thought Ziggler & Knox did well together, to be honest. Heh.


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I would rather they used someone like Ziggler as Jericho's partner because Big Show just doesn't seem suited to the role.
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Yeah I agree with Anthony, it's going to take a bit of time to get adjusted to them, I think their going to be unbeatable for awhile.

Should be interesting to see how long their going to team up together for.


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Personally I think Show fits in perfectly...Jericho is the loud mouth smaller guy and now he's got a giant on his side making him (in his eyes) unstoppable.

It's the Colossal Connection part II (Haku and Andre)

Oh and I dont really like the hybrid song but I like that they are legitimizing the team a little bit.
After further review I'm not enjoying this tag team that much. To me, they don't work well together and it's not a legendary tag team like I was expecting. Big Show and Jericho being paired together is something I'm not feeling. It's too unconnected, and Christian or Ziggler would have made for a better tag team partner.


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don't like this tag team much... It was a decent one to throw together to save the event, but whatever...


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Just watching Summerslam at the moment and Big Show and Jericho have a new mash up theme, and it's awesome!

Another sign that this Tag Team is gonna be around for a while. Which i don't mind!, i'm really enjoying Jerishow a lot :D
You just knew that after Big Show and Jericho enter Summerslam with a new entrance theme that...
They wouldn't lose the titles.

I'm sort of shocked because after Edge got injured I just assumed they would give Cryme Tyme (or another tag team) the titles and have Jericho go single again. Interesting move by the WWE. =D

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I personally like the team, but mostly because I've always been a big fan of both Jericho and Show. Not a fan of the old hybrid theme, and I am yet to hear this new one.