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Big Rigs Over The Road Racing


This game IS the worst game of all time. Ever.

It's advertised as a racing game where you race big rig trucks (stupid premise to start with) and can race against the computer or against another player. Something to do with cops chasing you too or something.

This game has nothing. It's awful. You can't race against the computer, the computer's truck never moves when the race starts. There isn't even the option to race another player, and cops certainly never even figure into the equation. The graphics are straight up bad, and it was only made a couple years ago. There are no real objects, things such as buildings you can go through with ease. Same with bridges, you sink through them into the ravine and come up through the bridge on the other side. Speaking of elevation loss and gain, you'd think that going down hill you'd speed up and uphill you'd slow down? Nope, you maintain a steady speed even up near vertical cliffs. Going foreward, your truck tops out at 80 some mph, and true to life the faster you go the worse your handling is and the longer it takes to stop. Going in reverse, your speed increases EXPONENTIALLY with no limit to how fast you can go backwards, and you can turn/stop on a dime. You can easily just leave the entire world, and if you're going in reverse you may never find it again because it disappears so far away from you so quickly. Even if the game WORKED, there are only a couple choices of vehicles (with only visual differences), and only a few choices of maps (one of which will crash the game if you choose it).

Gamespot rated it a 1/10, the lowest score possible, and the lowest score they've ever given any game.

So I bought it, $5. And it was worth it.

Yes, this game is so bad... just so completely awful, that it was worth $5 to witness how bad it is.

Anybody else heard of or played this game? It's a lot of fun... to laugh at...
(I can probably get an iso of it uploaded somewhere if people are interested, I'm not sure though)


AKA Ass-Bandit
Good. Gravy.

What the hell were they thinking?

I'd have more fun trying to cut my heart out with a spoon.

That's right. A spoon.

*EDIT* Jesus christ, I almost died reading some of the reader reviews on GameFAQs


Never played Big Mother Truckers, but I'm confident that it is.


Forum Drifter
I work at a Mack dealership. But this is a videogame about big rigs. WTF. I mean how much fun could it possibly be anyway???


I was tempted to get it because of how horribly bad it looked, but never did... maybe I'll see if I can find it soon