Big Papi resting


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OAKLAND -- Red Sox manager Terry Francona tried to talk to David Ortiz on Wednesday morning, but then discovered just how beloved Big Papi is.
"His [voicemail] box is full," said Francona.

Francona did get in touch with Dr. Larry Ronan, the team internist who is monitoring Ortiz at Massachusetts General Hospital and the early signs were good.

"Larry said he's had no more episodes," Francona said. "He's doing well, so that's good. They're obviously going to do more testing today and tomorrow. He's doing OK."

Ortiz checked into Massachusetts General Hospital on Tuesday evening and was kept overnight. He'll again spend the night on Wednesday. Ortiz experienced an irregular heartbeat twice over a 10-day span, so he's being checked to find out the cause.

According to a statement released by the Red Sox, Ortiz is "resting comfortably and is in good spirits."

The club said that more information will be released as it comes available.


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It's freakin' amazing how all these injuries came seemingly out of nowhere.

Varitek, Nixon, Manny, Willy Mo, Big Papi, Keith Foulke, Matt Clement, Jon Lester, the list goes on forever apparently. It's seriously some crazy and unfortunate stroke of luck.