Big match announced for March 8th


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Hulk Hogan will team up with Abyss and they'll wrestle against A.J Styles and Ric Flair. I don't think this is a shocker to anyone since it was bound to happen and TNA wants to steal some ratings from the WWE. But I don't see this match being good at all, especially when Hogan and Flair are going at it.


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I don't see this match being good at all either. Not because it's Hogan and Flair that are wrestling, cus i'm pretty sure they'll have a minir part to play in the match, but because one of the teams is Hogan and Abyss. I mean everyone'll want to see Hogan deliver the leg drop to flair clad in the red and yellow, but they could have made it a good match by having someone like Joe or Pope team with Hogan. I don't see Abyss as a legitimate main event star and i think it'd be better if he wasn't involved. WHEN was the last time Abyss had an awesome match with anyone? I think he's one of the weakest talents on the roster, i don't get why Hogan and Bischoff are so high on him.


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This match is going to be absolutely terrible IMO. Like how is A.J Styles going to excel in this match...especially when fighting a guy like Hulk Hogan?? Were definitely going to see the same thing we've seen from Hogan and Flair that we've witnessed for the last 20 years. I'm sure there still going entertain the fan base, but if TNA is going to get anywhere they cant have these two geezers fighting.

PS: There as to be more to this fight then the fight itself.