Big Kurt Angle Update: UFC, Backstage News & More

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    Source/Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter &

    Reports suggest that TNA was said to be supportive on Kurt Angle doing UFC's "Ultimate Fighter." The idea was nixed by Dana White as he didn't want a wrestling/UFC tie-in.

    Negotiations for a national Coca-Cola TV commercial that would feature Angle and Blue Demon Jr on being dealt with.

    In the latest WWE magazine coming out featuring Triple H on the cover, features a full page ad for ECW on Sci-Fi which features RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and, ahem, Kurt Angle.

    New Japan is interested in working out a deal to book Kurt Angle for a possible January 4th Tokyo Dome show. New Japan is also working on booking Bob Sapp.

    The October 28th Ward Family Promotions show tried unsuccessfully to book Kurt Angle.

    I really hope that they can make that Angle and Lesnar Match happen anywhere on this planet.

    UFC plained on putting Angle on the ultimate fighter five. I am going to hate not seeing him on UFC.

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