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It's not me, it's you.
Yes, I admit it. It's one of those guilty pleasures of mine. I watch because of all the drama. I love to watch people argue and bicker.

Is anyone else watching this season?

I'm almost caught up on it. I'm always running behind on this show because it comes on 3 days a week...which really annoys me. I have one more episode to watch.

Who are you pulling for on this one? Who do you like/dislike?

For some reason, I really like Jeff and hope that he wins. I hated Russell, but I'm starting to like him. I don't really like any of the girls this season. I definitely do not want Jesse or Ronnie to win, and hope they're both evicted soon.
I am watching, well kind of.

I planned on keeping up with this season, but once again, I have fallen behind. I have only seen two and a half shows. But I have been kept in the loop, by and family members who watch it.

I think I am pulling for Russell & Jordan, I also don't mind Jeff and Natalie.

I dislike Casey, Laura, Ronnie, Chima and Jesse. If any of them win, I'll be disappointed with BB again.

Still, nothing compares to BB2 or All-Stars for me. Even the one with Dick was pretty good.
On and off again with this show. I missed the beginning, so I feel really left behind and not caught up with who's on who's side. I watched part of the show last night for an update, and I'm not as interested in these characters as I was in previous seasons.


It's not me, it's you.
I'm finally caught up with it as of today. I watched them all on blinx.

I want Jeff, Jordan, or Russell to win. And I really hope that Ronnie is out the door this week, and that Jeff gets the coup de tat.
So, I was glad the power was used and Russell was saved. I am also glad Chima was kicked out by the producers. And Lydia finally showed she isn't playing with a full deck. I had to shake my head when I watched Natalie go on and on about how it was bullshit Chima was kicked out (after breaking the fucking rules) and couldn't understand how they could take away Chima's HOH power. It's not like that special power hasn't been in previous season. During All-Stars, Boogie had it but chose not to use it.

Other than that, not a bad season so far.
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I watched last night just to see the drama go down when Chima gets kicked out. I loved it! I didn't expect Lydia to get drunk and then go on a rant of her own afterward. Heh.

I'm really wanting for either Jordan or Jeff to win this game. They are both down to earth, humble and are genuine good people.
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Oh, that was a good episode...

Lydia is gone!

Yay! Haha.

The HOH competition looks pretty tough. I just hope one of the "good" people win it.


It's not me, it's you.
So Chima and Lydia are gone now? kick ass. Now they need to get rid of Natalie. I'm a week behind, because I didn't watch anything while I was on vacation.

I was soooo glad that Jeff used the coup de tat and got Jesse out the door.

Also, my friend who watches the feeds said that Lydia was always giving Jesse blow jobs.
Jeff is a moron. Has this guy ever seen a previous season of BB? When people from a different alliance come to you and strike a "final four" deal, and you agree, you almost always go home the next week. Dumbass.

Funny to see Russell and Jeff talk shit to each other, I don't know what Jeff was thinking when he said he could kick Russell's ass. Nah, not happenin' buddy.

Tonight's eviction made me sad. I lost a little interest in it, oh well, there is always season number 12. ha.


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I haven't watched the show at all so I don't know what the hell is going on, but for some reason I watched Big Brother After Dark on Showtime last night for about an hour. If you've never heard of it, it shows what they're doing live and uncensored.