Big bets or Little bets?

Large Bets or Small Bets?

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Son of Liberty
inspired by the friendly range of Chip bets we've got going in the NHL Playoff thread.... Theres anywhere from 200 chips to 2,000 chips on the line in there.

When you propose a bet, are you more likely to propose a small one? Or a large one? And it doesn't have to be monetary, for instance a small non-monetary bet could be something like "wash my car for 2 days" vs. a large one of "wash my car for a month".

so how 'bout it, Large bets or Small bets?


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
It depends on how sure I am with what I'm betting for and how sure my opponent is that he will win. :hah:

My husband and I do bets at home (sometimes monetary) related to trivial things (recall issue, prediction, general knowledge debates). Sometimes when I'm sure of my point, I raise a bet. If he's not that sold on his idea, I just bet a small one, so he'll take it. But if he's sold on his idea, I bet a big one because I know he won't back out (plus I'm sure I would win, haha).


Son of Liberty
'bout the same here, I bet with my Kim all the time over stupid things. Always small things like the rights to choose the next song on the ipod while we're driving. Like for instance the last bet I made was for how long it would take me to get from the office to this building where I needed to drop some Bid work off yesterday. I think my mom ended up winning that bet with the best guess, but either way thats usually how dumb the small bets are that I love to make.

I've always felt that guesswork like that helps keep you sharp, especially when theres no real punishment for being wrong outside of the pride hit of losing the bet :hah:. The other one I like to do all the time is use the distance counter on my truck.... I'll say "ok I bet it'll be on 11.5 miles when we get to wherever it is we're going". And usually Kim will retaliate with somewhere in that same area either higher or lower. Normally thats how we choose what song is getting played on the drive, its good simple fun.

As far as big bets go, I dont usually ever make them myself. However I rarely back down from them if I know I've got a fighting chance. Theres nothing sweeter than snagging a win off a big bet that was already a long shot for you, like my blue jackets beating the wings :hah: probably not gonna happen...but if it does oh man its gonna be awesome.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
We bet on stuff even when we're watching a movie/tv show. For example, the line that a character from The Sopranos used "just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in". We both agreed it's a line from Al Pacino's movie. But he insists it's Scarface and I said it was from the Godfather Trilogy. He said he was so sure so I bet him 20 euros. Then he took the bet and we stopped the show so he could play the Scarface DVD to show me the scene. I got nervous, haha. He was really confident. Then after a few minutes, he couldn't find it. I :haha: at him and he was getting annoyed. I told him, I can prove his wrong faster if we played the Godfather movie because I'm certain where I saw that scene. He even raised the bet that I couldn't do it. Now it's 50 euros (it was a raise to accept it or back out). :lol: I accepted, took Godfather III and found ithe scene right away. We could have used Google but it was more exciting and reliable this way. :rotfl:


Boom Boom Pow!
It depends if I think I'm gonna win or not. The more I think I'm gonna win the larger the bet, but generally I play it safe with small bets, because you never know when something might go wrong and you could end up losing a lot of money.


Supreme System Lord
On things like football and sport I'll stick to small bets so if things do go wrong then there's no major consequence. Also I don't like placing large bets on things that I have no control over.

As for things that I can control such as my own perfomance in a game or a bet with a mate, then I'll bet according to my confidence at the time.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
When it comes to sports I like to bet big, because I know most of the time I win, especially if it comes to trivia. But other then that I don't like to wager big bets, since I don't want to lose money that I know I could of spent on something good.
I'm not a betting person but if anything then it's more likely going to be small. Hmm, If I'm really confident then sometimes I'm willing to gamble a big sacrifice, but I do have to be very sure I'm right. and it's never ever monetary, always along the lines of "I'll do the dishes for a month if I'm wrong" or something.


The Instigator
I tend to stick to smaller bets, that way if I lose, I don't lose much. If I really think that I will win.. I might bet real large, but you never really know. Ha.