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TV Big Bang Theory


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Can't believe there is no thread on GF about this! /major disappointment.

Due to my woman's nagging, I forced into watching this show and it has really grown onto me and I absolutely love it. Sheldon's facial expressions is what makes the show :D


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That's the only show that I will take the time out of my day to sit down and watch. I look forward to it every week


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I've heard great things about this show, but I've never actually sat down and watched it. I find it pretty funny that Darlene's boyfriend from Roseanne is in this show. Also my girl from Eight Simple Rules plays in it as well, which should motivate me enough to watch it, but hasn't lol.
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I have caught a few episodes of this and did find them very amusing, I dont know the guys name in the show but he is tall and really dry and some of the stuff he says is just great.

The last one I saw he was trying to teach the blonde about physics.
I may see if I can them online.


Creeping On You
Its funny to me that's for sure. I've seen this show on tv a few times. I totally know people like that in real life. Sadly, I get ALL the jokes and references. Does that make me a nerd?


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I watched all of the first series except the last couple of episodes, which I really wanted to see, but missed on TV. I keep meaning to watch them online. I absolutely love this show. I always found it hilarious.

One of my favourite episodes was when they were all going to fancy dress and everyone of them came as the Flash. :lol:

YouTube - The Big Bang Theory - Flash scene

(I love the noise that Howard makes when he comes through the door. :lol:)
I'm also getting a Flash hoodie because I want to be as cool as Sheldon.

YouTube - Sheldon is Flash. Again.
...LOL. :lol: Great minds. :lol:
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I have seen a few episodes of it and it's on my list of "Series to marathon". The only time I get to see it is when I'm on a plane traveling across the atlantic haha. I love all episodes I saw so far. The very first scene from it that introduced me to BBT is the one with the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock :lol: