Big Bad Boss Battle!

Music... Yes, from any game you can think of, what do you consider the best boss music out there? It can be from a mid-boss, raid boss, end-level boss, whatever. Just post a link to YouTube so we can all hear what you consider the best boss music!

List one, two, three or more. Tell us about it.

1) My number one favorite has to go to Final Fantasy VII:

YouTube - Final Fantasy VII Boss Theme
I love it, I have it favorite on YouTube, and it's just a classic. The Black Mages did a version of this song which was amazing in it's self, but nothing can compare to the original.

2) Ozma - Final Fantasy IX:

YouTube - Final Fantasy IX: Ozma vs. Level 1 Party
(Fast forward to :25 seconds)

While I couldn't find a music-only version, this is the best I can do. Ozma has such epic music that tingles the ears. Very spooky and fits this boss perfectly... Well, almost. =P

3) Kingdom Hearts II:

YouTube - 63 - Forze Del Male
Foze Del Male reminds me Final Fantasy XII for some reason. Maybe because I played them closely together and got the music confused with each game. Eh, I digress. Yes, Froze Del Male has the perfect blend of beginning, middle, end and climax. A real doozie.

What about you, what boss music do you think is the best?


Certified Shitlord
Super Mario RPG - Final fight with Smithy

Awesome song, always chilled my spine as a kid playing the game.