Biffy Clyro


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I'm suprised I've never made a thread about these guys before, especially since they are a band that's so close to my heart. I'm not sure how much of an impact they've had in the states but I've been a big fan for years. While I much prefer their older, slightly quirkier stuff I find the new more commercial stuff good too.

For the uneducated I'll provide a little chart of evolution.

YouTube - Biffy Clyro - 57

"57", This is probabaly the first track that I really loved by them off their first album: Blackened Sky.

YouTube - Biffy Clyro - Questions and Answers

"Questions and Answers" - a really easy listening track from their second album: The Vertigo Of Bliss.

YouTube - Biffy Clyro - Only One Word Comes To Mind

"Only One Word Comes To Mind" - This one has always been a personal fave. It's just so nice to listen to and this third album was the first one I ever heard all the way through: Infinity Land

YouTube - Biffy Clyro - Folding Stars + Lyrics

Now I'm reaching the album that most people would consider their serious break through. "Folding Stars" is an epic song from an epic album: Puzzle

YouTube - Biffy Clyro-Bubbles (NEW SONG!)

Their most recent offering, Only Revolutions is the most commercial yet but there's some great songs on there. One of which is "Bubbles".

Looking back they really have changed quite a bit over time :lol:

So are there any other Biffy fans here?


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I won't say I'm a fan, but I listen to Biffly Clyro now and then. Right now "Many of horror" is my favourite. But I liked the songs you posted, and think I'm gonna download some of them, so thanks :)


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Yay, responses! :lol:

I adore Biffy Clyro.

Such amazing lyrics!

I love Bubbles! Although 57 is one of my faves too!

Yeah Bubbles is quality, it's really catchy! I recommended you some songs in your "recommend me some songs" thread as well haha.