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Bid to Skype a celebrity!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Anyone always wanted to talk to someone famous? Well, for a price, now you can, at least if they are on this list of celebrities up for bid on eBay.


The winning bidder for each auction gets a 10 minute phone (skype) conversation with the celebrity.

Some are up to $2,000.. for 10 minutes!


Registered Member
Well if my lottery tickets hit ALL winning numbers tonite I might be able to afford something like that! :lol:


Registered Member
I wonder if you actually would be talking to the celeb or just one of their flunkies.

BTW, I just got my first Skype invite today ... from someone I have no recollection of knowing. Not another form of phishing!!! Please, tell me it isn't so :sick:


what? no pink?
lol well that certainly is a possibility. I have skype and have never had that happen yet. but it would not surprise me


Registered Member
Yeah, I can't figure out why anyone would phish a Skype invite. Of course I remember getting a lot of Gmail invites that were fake too when it first came out.

I finally checked out the site for the Skype a Celeb and see that the money goes for a good cause, so I guess you probably do get to talk to the actual person or else the charity would be in big trouble. Still, $2000!